Since the disastrous election of 2016, I have been volunteering my talents as a software architect, to help build technical infrastructure for various progressive and Democratic campaigns. My latest effort is a (potentially state-wide) Democratic voter guide for mobile phones, which you can see at mivoter.org.   (But it looks/works best on a phone — that is … Continue reading “mivoter.org”

JP Morgan Chase: the #1 financer of fossil-fuel extraction

I have been a long-time customer of JP Morgan Chase: personal banking, business banking, mortgage, stockholder, the works.  I was astonished, several years ago, to find that they actually listened to me, when I pointed out a bug in their on-line banking platform. (Ironically, it was the “We’re Listening” link: the icon used backslashes in … Continue reading “JP Morgan Chase: the #1 financer of fossil-fuel extraction”